Monday, November 30, 2015

Clever Beatrice

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Clever Beatrice  is about a girl that is poor and only had no more porridge so she went to the rich giant since the other choice was to cut down trees with the lumberjacks but it was a big job for Beatrice so she took the other way and the first bet was a blow so that means that they will try to break something down and she chose the front door and the tree that the lumberjacks, did she took the credit and she gave him the tree that way he can have a new door but he wanted to keep the old door so he gave her the money just cause of a lie and she did the same with the water and the iron bar and she got 30 gold coins and she went back home to give it to her mother and she could not wait for her to say that she was the most clever girl in the north woods. 

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