Thursday, September 21, 2017


In Mrs Taylor's 5th grade class, Friday August 2017, the students got to make slime using baking soda, glue, and contact solution. The contact solution made it not stick to your hands. They got a worksheet and had to answer some questions like "What's your slimes name?" or "What does it smell like?" "What does it look like?" You also had to draw your slime. Everyone got to choose the color of their slime and they got to put sparkles in it. It was so cool!

     - Pearl Pearl 5th grade

EAST at Shaw!!

EAST stands for Environmental and Spatial Technology. The EAST room is now finished. EAST is only for students 3rd through 5th grade. In EAST we have HP computers and Apple Macs. EAST has 3d printers to make cool designs. But EAST is mainly about helping our community. This is the first year of EAST at Shaw and we are so excited to get started. 
Written by Noah R. 
5th Grader
Shaw Elementary 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Character Word of the Month: Self Discipline

What Does Self Discipline Mean To You? 

Self Discipline can be multiple things. It can be cleaning your room without your mom asking you to do it. It can be doing the right thing even when nobody's watching. Self Discipline is an important CHARACTER trait to have. It gives you a good reputation, and helps people see what a good student you are! I think this is a perfect character award for the first month of school. I think that because it shows the Self Discipline in kids the first week of school. Maybe you will get chosen! Self Disciple is a great award to get.


Josie S.
5th Grader  

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Baseball Brothers by Jean Dan and Dave Marzollo

Have you ever read Baseball Brothers?Its the best Book ever!I like the book Baseball Brothers because Timmy hits the baseball !Also because Timmy wins the game! Next because Timmy caught the Ball in the air! That is why I like the book Baseball Brothers.                                                                                                                                                


Going on a bear hunt By: Micheal Rosen

Everyone should read the book Going on a Bear Hunt.In my opinion I think that it is a good book. It is a good book because the family gets to go on a hike. That is why I like the book Going on a Bear Hunt!