Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Red Ribbon Week by Josie S.

Tuesday- Don’t Dull Your Sparkle! Wear sparkly clothes or stars!
Wednesday- To Smart for bad choices! Dress like a nerd or a smartie pants!
Thursday- Let’s Lei off drugs! Wear leis or hawaiian clothing!
Friday- No school!
Monday- We are in this together! Each grade wear the same color!
Tuesday- Book character parade! Dress up in your Halloween costume and make sure to bring a book- and you’ll be ready! Have fun during the parties!

Please join the school for this year’s Red Ribbon Week! It is so much fun to dress up and prove that we are going to be drug free! What are you going to be for the dress up days?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Clubs at Shaw Elementary

Shaw Elementary has 9 clubs this semester including Cooking, Chess, Gardening, Photography, Running, Lego, Bible, Violin, and Cheer. Clubs are from 3:00 to 4:30. That means one hour and thirty  minutes of fun. To join clubs it is 50 dollars but you get to have fun for ¼ of the year. You could also get a scolarship for free.

Noah 5th grader
Shaw Elementary

The Stages of a Butterfly's Life

Lately in Mrs Taylor's class, we have observing the stages of a butterfly's life.  Mrs Taylor brought caterpillars from her butterfly garden to her classroom for the students to observe. First the caterpillars walk around eating the plants and then they make a chrysalis. They stay in there and a butterfly emerges. She brought monarch butterflies and the student are so excited to see them emerge from the chrysalis.  

- Pearl P. 
5th grader Shaw Elementary


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation  

My Story:

When I was in second grade, I was constantly thirsty, needing to go to the bathroom a lot, always tired, losing weight, and never had energy to do fun activities.  
When my parents realized something was up, they told me I had to get a little prick on my thumb, with a special meter. I complained, because I was scared it was going to hurt. When I finally had enough courage, the pricked my finger and a little bubble of blood tricked out.
They used to meter to suck up the blood. When they did that. It said “HI” which means over 599. Then, my parents knew.
They rushed me to the emergency room, and they put an IV in me. Right when it kicked in, I vomited. A LOT. That was because I was very dehydrated. I went through 2 IV bags in less than an hour.
The next morning, a nurse came in and explained that I had something called DIABETES. She explained that diabetes happens when something in your body called a PANCReAS does not produce a hormone called insulin. When it does not produce the hormone, the sugar that you eat to make energy, just goes into your blood. It goes higher and higher and higher and that's why you start to not feel good. It can be very dangerous. If it stays like that for a long time, you can ever pass away in your sleep, lose a leg, go blind, and lose a lot of weight like I did. The nurse also told me that you can not get diabetes from eating too much sugar, or not exercising.
When she was done explaining about diabetes, my doctor came in and said, if I wanted to get better, I had to take five or six shots a day. I would also have to prick my finger six to eight times a day. It would be hard at first, and I would have to be brave.
But, here I am now, in fifth grade, and I have a pump. I have hope that we will hopefully find a cure soon. Diabetes does not stop me!

In October my school will help me by bringing awareness of diabetes and raising money to find a cure. Tee shirts will be for sale soon! Students can also buy chances to guess at how many Legos are in the jar. We will also have hat day. Last year we raised $2,720!!

Josie S. 5th Grader
Shaw Elementary

What Happened in the Hall?

Right after school started everyone noticed a noise in the galaxy. We thought it was coming from the lights, but come to find out it was under the floor. In the main hallway there had been a broken water pipe. For one day all the kindergarteners through third graders had to come to the blue hallway for water and bathroom breaks. It got a little crowded but we made it! Our maintenance worked all night fixing the pipes. Yes, all night! If you walk down the hall it’s obvious where the break was but over Christmas break our floor will be fixed. 

Landon B. 5th Grader
Shaw Elementary