Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rapunzel The Graphic Novel

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Rapunzel The Graphic Novel is about a wife and a husband and the wife was pregnant but right beside their house was a witches home and there was also a garden and in that garden was a pile of rampion. She wanted rampion. One day the husband went to the witches garden and grabbed a handful of rampion then the wife wanted even more and he went to grab more rampion and once he had about three or four inches of the rampion the witch GRABBED his hand and told him he could get the rampion but give his and his wife their baby. Once the baby was born they gave her the baby and the witch told her Daughter Rapunzel she could not look over the walls. But one day she swung up so high she could see everything and the witch caught her and then she made a tower and locked Rapunzel in the tower and Rapunzel grew up. One day when Rapunzel was singing a prince heard her sing and then the prince heard the witch say the magic words "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" when she left he said them too. Rapunzel let down her hair then they talked. He came in the night and the old witch came in day.Then when the witch came up Rapunzel thought it was the prince and then the witch found out then she cut off her hair and made her appear in the desert she made a house in the desert and she was pregnant.  She raised children and back at the tower the prince went up the tower and he said the words and the braid went down and then the witch already cut the braid when he came up and he fell into thorns then he could not see. Then when he was walking in the desert he heard a song it was Rapunzel's song!!! He followed the song then he walked to her and she cried and his eyes were HEALED!!! They were happy then the witch was never heard of again. Now if you want to find out more read the book and find out more.  

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