Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Silent Stranger

Characters: Kaya, Eetsa, Kautsa, Hawk Woman, Tatlo, Speaking Rain, Rabbit, Little Fawn, Sparrow, and Wing Feather
Problem: A Stranger has come to Kaya’s village. Her hands are burned and she does not speak at all. Kaya is trying to find out why she does not speak and why her doll is so special to a grown woman.
Event: The stranger arrives at Kaya’s village when they are preparing for the Spirit Dances
Event: Tatlo starts to like Hawk Woman better than Kaya and she gets really mad.
Event: Kaya takes Tatlos sister, Run in Circles, to find Tatlo and Hawk Woman. Then a cougar kills Runs in Circles.
Event: Hawk Woman and Tatlo go on a far away journey somewhere and Kaya now needs to find them
Event: When Kaya is on her quest to find them she ends up meeting a wolf. The wolf tells her that Hawk Woman is needing Kaya’s help.
Event: Kaya soon finds Tatlo and Hawk Woman and starts to finally talk with Hawk Woman and learn all about her story.
Event: When Kaya, Tatlo, and Hawk Woman get back to the village Kaya hears a story about someone in the village finding a lost baby. Hawk Woman said to Kaya that after a fire was in their village she lost her baby and her husband was killed.
Event: Hawk Woman was reunited with her lost baby!
Solution: Kaya was able to communicate with Hawk Woman so they can help her!

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