Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Franny K. Stein The Frandidate

My book is called Franny K. Stein The Frandidate by: Jim Benton.The settings are Frannys house and school. This was happening mostly during the daytime. The main characters are pretty much Franny and her beagle dog. The other characters are Frannys mom,Miss Anderson Frannys teacher,and Frannys brother. The problem was Frannys creation was taking over with her inside. It was getting smaller and smaller. In the beginning Franny was watching tv and she saw an ad that made her want to be president. Later on she created something to wear,but it was not something you just put on. Every time you look at Franny with it on you see what you like to see. You see it makes people think there seeing there favorite thing or favorite person. She used it to make them vote for her for president. She keep it on for a while. After a couple of days she asked Beagle to take it of but it would not come off. The Franidit took over and got on tv. Franny saved herself by getting beagle to get so many people watching that the Franididate shut down and let Franny out.

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