Thursday, October 23, 2014

3rd Grade: War Eagle Field Trip

Last Thursday the whole third grade went to the War Eagle Craft Fair. First, we had to get into groups. whoever child had a parent with them had to go with that person so I had my mom with me and some of the others didn't have a parent so my friends Shelby and Alyssa wanted to come with me and my mom. Then, Mrs. Donnell handed out papers for us for a project to do.Then it was time to look around. First we looked in the first tent we saw hard soap to smell,we saw pasta  that was all kinds: chocolate,garlic,jalapeno,chili,and all other kinds.Also there were portraits of animals and a lot more.After that we went across a bridge to look at a mill and get some cornmeal and look at some more stuff and got a drink and crape but first my mom had to grab a twenty dollar bill to get the crape on the other side.Then it was lunch time and we had a delicious lunch.After that we got to look around a little more for thirty minutes and we got a picture with an author and her book I got Blue Stew. After that the thirty minutes was over and my best friends said'' See you tomorrow!'' and I said ''Ok bye!'' Then my mom told me to get in the car and we drove away I will never forget that field trip. :(

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