Thursday, May 15, 2014

2nd Grade- The Human Body

The whole second grade has been learning about the human body. So we switched classes on Monday and Tuesday! Two of the most important ways to stay healthy is exercise and eat really healthy! So on Monday we learned about exercise. In Mrs. Smithpeters classroom we danced for exercise! Then we went over to  Ms. Cherry's room and we did this thing where you do all kinds of different exercises! Then we rotated  over  to  Mrs. Hudgens' class where we jumped rope. We went to Mrs . Schuhknecht's class and did sit ups and pushups! Then on Tuesday we learned about healthy foods ! First we went to Mrs. Smithpeters class. We ate Kiwi it was delicious! Then we went to Ms. Cherrys' class. We ate Triscuits and Hummus. Then we went to Mrs. Hudgens' class we had Cranberry grape juice. It was yummy! Last we went to Mrs. Schuhknechts class! We ate Cauliflower and broccoli! Those days were awesome !

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