Friday, April 18, 2014

Mrs. Marshall's Class: The Gentry Safari Zoo

In Shaw elumichery (elementary) all of  the Kindergarten went on a filcherip (field trip). The fillchip (field trip) wasto the  jijer (Gentry) safari zoo. My class wich (which)  is misis (Mrs.) Marshall's class, woched (watched) the magic school bus. Then we said the pleg of elegins (Pledge of Allegiance). Then we lined up. After we lined up we got on the school bus. We had to wate (wait) for the other school bus. After the other school bus got here we wayed (waited) for the other classes to get on the school bus. Then we got thar (there). We sall (saw) a fox and a hipow (hippo). Then we ate lunch. It was yummy. Then we got on the school bus. The zoo was fun.

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  1. Morgan, that sounded like such a fun day. Thank you for writing to everyone about it. You write very well and I loved hearing about everything. Thanks for sharing!!!!