Thursday, February 26, 2015


I am reading Holes in the beginning a normal boy gets hit on the head with Clyde Livingston sneakers.Then he runs with them.The cops come around the corner,.The next day he goes to court. Then he goes to camp Green Lake.He has to dig a 5 foot wide and 5 foot deep hole every day.Then he makes friends Armpit, Zero,zigzag,and xray. Then one day he found a tube.He gave it to xray and, then xray got the day off.So the warden made them dig all around xrays hole.Then Zero a kid  made a deal with him.If Stanley teaches him, then zero will dig half of his hole.So they made  a deal. After a while xray found out.Then they got in a fight.Then zero hit their counselor in the head and ran away.The next fours days Stanley went into the water truck and drove it into a hole then he ran away.He found zero under a flipped over boat.Then they went up a mountain that looks like Gods thumb.So they went up there.They found onions and water and,then the water was running out so then they set off to go back to camp.Then they dug out treasure.Then they got lizards on them.They finally stepped out with the chest.Then zero bought investigators to look for his mom.And Stanley got a huge house and Clyde Livingston to come to his house and zero found his mom.This is the book of Holes by Louis Sachar.

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