Tuesday, October 21, 2014

4th grade: Switching Interns

Ms. Bleauer                                        Ms. Gandy

Ms. Bleauer was my intern on the very first day of my fourth grade year. She was very smart. She made things that were hard to understand so much easier to understand. She even had a hand made treat for us on HER last day. Now I have Ms. Gandy. October 20, 2014 was my new intern[Ms. Gandy]'s first day. She brought each and every one of us a starburst taped to a note that said:

Ms. B has moved just up the hall, but don't worry 'cause I think we'll have a ball! Ms. G is here now so it's A-OKAY. I hope you're ready to have a great first day! I know y'all will be such a delight, so here is a treat to start it off right!

As you see Ms. G is super cool, but I miss my old intern too...... Ms. B .

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