Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Reading Program: Miss Nelson Has A Field Day

Book Introduction
The Smedley Tornadoes are a pitiful, undisciplined, losing football team . . . until the notorious Viola Swamp appears! The world's meanest substitute teacher soon whips the team into shape for the big game. 

Interest Level: Grades K-2

Genre: Humor

1.  What was making the children at the Horace B. Smedley School so sad?

2. What happened to Coach Armstrong?

3. What did Miss Nelson overhear when she passed by Lulu’s?

4. What did Miss Nelson decide to do to try to solve the team’s problem?
5. Who did the children think was the new coach for the team?
6. Who did the coach turn out to be at the end of the story? 


  1. I liked this book because of the pictures and the story.

  2. Hey Brant! Are you playing any sports this summer? Thanks for writing on the blog. Keep reading and come back and tell us about it!!