Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Botanical Gardens

Yesterday the whole entire school went to the  Botanical Gardens! It was a long ride but it was worth  it! The first event we did was we learned facts about fruits and vegetables. We got to eat strawberries  and bananas, also some blueberries and oranges. The second activity we did was where you had to catch fish in dirty water and clean water! My group started first in the clean water and it was pretty easy! But then we had to switch to the dirty water and it was impossible!!!!!! MY last station was we had to do a guessing game. We had to try and slap a lady's hand before the other team. My team won a couple of times and then we switched. The other half of the class drew a picture of proteins and grains and also fruits and veggies! Yesterday was the best day of my LIFE!!!!!!!!


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