Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Starburst Fun

Today is Starburst and we will have so much fun there. We are going to have some Dodgeball and there will be many players to play and dodge all of the balls. We will also have soccer and there will be so many tough opponents and we will see who will win these soccer games. We will also get to play games in the computer lab like Sticky Ninja Academy and Snail Bob 2.We will get to dance so much and get to do all sorts like square dancing and regular dancing. We will have so much food at the snack shack and there will be Airheads and beef jerky sticks and Caprisuns there. We will have the year book signing at Starburst and you can add all of your friends to it.  They will sign your year book and it will bring so many of your memories back from all of your friends  you played with.  Even from your bus friends, you can also add them to your friend list in your yearbook for you to remember all of the great times you had with them. I think this will be the best starburst yet for 2014 at Shaw Elementary.

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