Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Interns Are Awesome

 Last Friday we had a AWESOME intern celabration! When the interns graduated the kids were very sad because this years interns have been the best this year! But it is nice to know that they are going to have a class of their own and be an offical teacher next year, even though they might not be teaching at Shaw! Somthing that cheered up the kids were the new interns, some teachers have new interns and some will not! We will be having around 10 interns and only 1 of them is a boy, it seems like every year we only have 1 boy. The theme of the celebration was the lego movie so the teachers were dressed up as construction workers and so were the graduating interns! There were GIANT legos up on stage to help the theme of Interns Are Awesome. The new interns got construction hats at the end to show that they would be a teacher some day!

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