Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mrs. Stark's Class Rocked the Test


Mrs. Stark's 5th grade class was prepared for the Benchmark.  During the year we worked very, very hard on math.  We did not just learn 5th grade math, but we did higher math that was most likely on 6th grade level too.  We've learned about how to subtract, add, multiply, and even how to divide fractions.  Our class has also learned how to measure shapes with a protractor.  Mrs. Stark has taught us a ton of things in Math this year. Also we have been working on writing, reading, and science. This year Science was new for benchmark for us 5th graders. We've  been studying about planets and the solar system. For writing and reading we have been learning about similes and metaphors from Clayton Scott.  This really helped us when we had to writing prompts for the Benchmark.  Reading was very easy for Mrs. Stark's class because we've done many Benchmark practices before the test.  All in all we have worked extremely hard during the year and no matter what our scores are we know we tried and in our mind we aced the test.

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